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Weekends for Beginners

 Nordic Husky Farm
Basic Sled Dog Course on Handling, Training, Feeding and Taking Care of Sled Dogs

Winter Training Camp

** This program is not available in 2022/2023 season **

Training Weekend for Beginners

Interested in learning mushing?

 Have no dogs or just 1 or 2 and want to get started?

Already have a team and want to improve a few things?

Want to learn about proper nutrition, care and new training methods?

The Nordic Husky Farm training weekends are here for you!

Training Weekend for Beginners
Training Weekend for Beginners Training Weekend for Beginners
Training Weekend for Beginners Training Weekend for Beginners

During our three day mushing intensive course we will address topics such as:

Paw Basic command teaching (gee, haw, on by, gee over / haw over, line out, etc.)

Paw Building a team

Paw Integrating a new dog in team

Paw Proper equipment, harness types / fits

Paw Feeding and Nutrition of sled dogs

Paw Health care, handling of dogs, etiquette

Paw Common problems (passing, etc.)

Together we will work on 101 basis with each participant and his/her dog(s), address specific issues, needs and questions.

We will work as a group as well as individually with each one of you.

Discussion, usefull tips and a lecture on various topics from the field of mushing, nutrition and health is included and will take place during evenings of the training weekend.

. . .

Course program:
DAY 1 (Friday):
Paw Arrival
Paw Introduction, accommodation
Paw Dinner
Paw Discussion

DAY 2 (Saturday):
Paw Breakfast
Paw Equipment instructage, theory
Paw 101 Training and team training
Paw Lunch
Paw Addressing problems, learning commands and training methods
Paw Dinner
Paw Evening lecture
Paw Open discussion

DAY 3 (Sunday):
Paw Breakfast
Paw Team training and 101 training
Paw Feeding, nutrition, health care
Paw Lunch
Paw Discussion and course roundup
Paw Departure

What should you bring?
Don't forget to bring your mushing equipment, food for your dogs, dishes, training cart/bicycle/scooter/sled, if you have them. You will need a harness, colar and leash. Equipment is also possible to purchase on place.
Make sure to bring clothes suitable for the particular season. We will train in any weather, so please make sure to bring extra clothes and shoes/boots.

Make sure to book the course well in advance!

The facilities include:  
paw Room including bed cloths
paw Access to hot water for dogs
paw Shower & toilet (common)
paw Groomed training trails
paw Parking place
paw Stakeout area
Course Rate:
3.500:- SEK/person
Each course is limited to 4 persons.

Book Now!
Available to purchase on place:
paw Meat and natural supplements for dogs
paw Straw
paw Mushing equipment and souvenirs/art

PAW How to Get Here  PAW

We have veterinary clinic nearby!

Evening Lectures
Booking and attending only the evening lecture is possible upon email or phone call arrangement - please contact us.

Price 180:- SEK / person
Price includes cofee/tea and snacks

For more info, please contact us at info@nordichuskyfarm.com or (+46) 768 269 256.

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