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Local Deli Plate

Local Deli Plate

Deli Plate

During your stay at Nordic Husky Farm you can book a platter of local artisan foods and traditional delicacies from our area, that are usually not found in the grocery stores.

It includes artisan cheeses, smoked and air-dried reindeer and moose meat (heart, steak, sausage), jams from nordic berries such as cloudberry, lingon berry, crowberry, meadowsweet or fireweed syrup, wild herb butter and an assortment of breads including the traditional Swedish tunnbröd and knäckebröd (all locally made by small businesses and farms in our area).

Deli Plate
Smoked arctic char or other fish from the lake are available based on season.

The platter serves 2 persons as full meal (we recommend it as cold dinner, accompanied with a locally brewed beer or strong cloudberry wine), or as an appetizer for a few persons, perhaps after a hike in the woods or a tour with the huskies.

  Local Deli Plate pricing:  
for 2 persons 500:- SEK
If you'd like to book a bigger size, please let us know in advance.

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Please note that Nordic Husky Farm is smoking free facility

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