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Boat and Husky Wilderness Lake Adventure
Boat and Husky Wilderness
Lake Adventure

Experience Swedish summer on the lake with a row boat in company of huskies
and stunning northern nature!

Enjoy a combination of authentic adventure in Nordic wilderness and relaxation that will take your mind off the hustle and bustle of daily life and fill you up with new energy.

We are very fortunate to live by one of Sweden's largest waterways - the mighty Vattudalen - a 140km long river that forms lakes and magical lagoons all along the way, until it joins up with the river Faxälven outside of Strömsund. It is a home to many fish including the arctic char, perches, and the critically endangered Bågede öring - a local subspecies of mountain trout.

It is also home to an impressive array of waterfoul including the magically sounding Eurasian Curlew, Canada geese, Swans, Loons and the Horned Grebe.

The water is so clear you can see the rocks on the bottom. Vattudalen is a water supply for the local municipality town of Strömsund, so you can even drink the water straight from the lake!

The many lagoons form lovely quiet and quite private bathing spots where the water is usually much warmer than in the open areas of this deep and streamy waterway, and the dozens of little islands provide food for the photographer's soul, but also a great spot for landing our row boat for a picnic, swimming, playing with the huskies who can run freely on these islands, take a snooze in the hammock, picking berries or fishing.

Imagine the soothing sound of the clear water splashing gently against the boat, as enthusiastic huskies eagerly scanning the horizon in anticipation of playing in the water once you land. In the distance, a haunting crying sound of the loon echoes across the water and on the nearby shore you may see a deer or a moose that just came to cool of and take a sip of the fresh water.

Local specialties such as moose, reindeer meat or wild fish with berries, herbs and other delicious food sizzling on the campfire while you snooze in the shade of a large pine tree or just enjoy the scenery.

A little walk exploring around the island with no one else around, followed by the playful huskies, perhaps picking berries for our dessert or fresh herbs for a lovely cup of campfire tea.

Wanna give it a try at fishing or rowing the boat for a bit? We've got you covered - fishing rods and lures are included and we'll have a fishing permit sorted out for you as well.

Weather you are a nature photographer, avid or beginner fisherman, birdwatcher, nature lover, husky lover or just a person who wants to leave the modern world behind for a day and relax, this tour may be just what you need!

Before we take off for the adventure, there is a meet and greet with our huskies at the kennel. Then we head out to the starting point. You need to be able to follow with your own car to the boat launch place (only 2km from our farm).

Upon return, you can take a look at our little souvenir and handcraft shop before departure.

You can also book a stay at our cozy rustic cabin and combine it with the tour or add more of our genuine adventures and turn it into a mini holiday. Check out our other activities HERE and accommodation info HERE.

Included in this tour:
Experienced outdoor guide
Floating safety vests
Row boat
Organic local food and non-alcoholic beverages
Fishing rods and lures
Fishing permit

You need to know how to swim!
If you are younger than 18 you must be accompanied by an adult.
Not suitable for children under the age of 15.

Recommended gear (not included):
Outdoor clothes
Bug spray (mosquito repellent)
Rain gear
Swim suit
Bottle with drinking water
Hat/baseball cap
Waterproof boots or rubber boots (there is a high chance you will be stepping into a shallow water in order to get onto the boat and out)
Shoes you can use while swimming (some of the areas around the islands have a type of clay-muddy bottom. It is clean and doesn't smell bad. Also some of the rocks in the water may be sharp and slippery to walk on without shoes.)


Arrival by 10:00
Introduction to our kennel and the tour, meeting the huskies
Departure for the tour by car (with a larger group, you will need to follow with your car)
Start of tour with huskies and backpacks
Lunch on open fire in the wilderness
Wildlife watching, photography, fishing, swimming (based on interest)
Coffee / tea and cake at the farm
Help feeding huskies
Departure approximately 17:00

Duration: Approximately 6 hours (maybe a little longer, if you are having a great time!)

 Our other outdoor programs and lots of useful information can be found on the main Tours & Adventures Information page.

Program Availability: June - September

 How to Get Here

MAX.AMOUNT OF PARTICIPANTS: At the moment we can offer maximum 3 places, please check availability and options by sending us an email.

1 Participant  1560:- SEK  

We can custom fit the program for your group.
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