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Tours & Adventures

 Nordic Husky Farm
Welcomes you to experience unforgetable Swedish outdoors.
Come join us on one of our exciting programs!


PAWWinter Outdoor Adventure Holiday PAW
PAWHusky Visit and Adventure Walk PAW
PAWVisit the Huskies PAW
PAWExclusive Mountain Mushing PAW
PAWSpring Mushing & Outdoor Week PAW
PAWWeekend Mushing Experience PAW
PAWSummer Outdoor Adventure Holiday PAW
PAWDay on Husky Farm PAW
PAWHusky Walk PAW
PAWWilderness Safari PAW
PAW2-Day Adventure Package PAW
PAWMidnight Sun Hike PAW
PAWTraining Weekend for Beginners PAW

Nordic Husky Farm Tours & Adventures Information

Northern Light

PAW About Nordic Husky Farm - Learn more about us here.
PAW Dates & Rates To ensure your maximum comfort, our tours are limited to 4, 5 or 6 persons. Please email us for available dates.
Please check the rates and discounts that apply in the information section of each offered program.
PAW Booking To book a tour or training weekend for beginners please fill out the booking form.
PAW Terms & Conditions Click here to read information on terms and conditions of booking, payment, cancelation policy and our guarantees.
PAW Room & Cabin Rental You are welcome to rent a room, or a cabin on our farm without joining one of the outdoor programs. The area offers a number of other activities and places/attractions to see.
Learn more about the room & cabin rental here. Please call or email us for reservations.
PAW Training Weekends for Beginners Are you starting with mushing or just bought a puppy? Or need some help and advice with basic training, feeding and taking care of your sled dogs? All this and much more is addressed in our program for beginners
PAW Training Camp Those of you seeking a place to train your own team in Scandinavia can find possibilities on our husky farm. You can rent a room or a cabin and enjoy the comfort of our setup, while training on our well-maintained trails. For more information click here.
PAW One Week Custom Package Holiday Interested in a week of original outdoor holiday? Email us - we can custom fit a package for you!
(available all year round except December - March)
PAW Winter Dog Sled Rides & Tours For arrangements, booking and pricing information, please contact us.
PAW Gifts & Souvenirs You can purchase unique gifts and handcrafts and memorabilia from your tour directly on our farm and soon in our internet shop.
PAW Other accommodation in the Area
Strömsunds Camping - tel. (+46) 0670 164 10
Hotel Gaddede - tel. (+46) 0672 104 20
PAW FAQ - coming soon!
PAW Useful Links

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