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 Outdoor Adventure Holiday
Summer Husky Holiday

One Week -- Endless Account of Genuine Nordic Outdoor Adventures

Book by June 30th and get 10% off!


Visit us during summer and experience the magic of the great North!

Our week holiday package offers you unbeatable account of outdoor adventures, varying from easy walks through the forests and around lakes, to mountain hiking, or day backpacking trips, boat trips and other ways of experiencing the unique nature of the north Sweden's summer – accompanied by our super friendly and adventure loving Huskies.

This genuine holiday package combines adventure and active experiences with the tranquility and peacefulness of the last European wilderness, that helps you to recharge, reconnect with yourself and Nature, and find your inner peace. It is truly a mindful kind of experience.

We'll take you fishing to hidden mountain lakes and hiking on trails that you won't find in maps and tourist guides.

Boat trip with a couple of husky companions, with food cooked on open fire on one of the remote islands, where we'll land, belongs to the most unforgettable experiences. Just imagine sitting at the shore and watching the huskies play, birds cheerfully hunting for food and the occasional fish splashing nearby as it jumps up to catch some insect-lunch. Exploring the island with the huskies by your side, and listening to the absolute silence, while the sun sits high above, even at a late evening hour.

You will also get to visit the area's famous 45m high waterfall with double rainbow and a 3km canyon, get a chance to swim in the wilderness lakes, do a wild herb tea and herb oil grounding ritual, eat great locally sourced home made meals and play with husky puppies (the future sled dog athletes).

Depending on the month, you will get a chance to collect herbs (and learn how to make delicious and healthy herbal teas, how to cook with them or make balms, massage oils and other home remedies) pick blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries or mushrooms, get a ride with the husky team, experience northern lights (from August), or take a scenic hike under the midnight sun (June and July).

During the wilderness safari hike you will also get the chance to watch wildlife such as moose, foxes, bears, deer, reindeer, beavers, and many bird species, that inhabit the area.
For those interested, we can make a night safari by car to check if any of the many brow bears that live in our area, will make their appearance.

This exclusive program is private – just for you, your family or friends.



paw Day 1
Pick up in Östersund
After settling into the cozy cabin or guest room, we'll head out to meet the Husky Pack (depending on the time of your arrival).
During a welcome dinner we'll get to know each other, introduce the program and plan the upcoming adventure.

paw Days 2 - 6
Walks and hiking trips in the company of huskies (we will adjust the length and difficulty to your group's needs) wilderness safari, guided fishing, herb walk, berry and mushroom picking (August), sled dog ride (temperature permitting), bear safari in the most bear populated area in Europe, easy hike to the spectacular Hällingsåfallet waterfall, lots of cuddles with the huskies, midnight sun scenic hike (June-July), rowing boat trip to the islands on the 140km Vattudalen lake, photo session walks, and also relaxing in a quiet spot of Nordic Husky Farm – snoozing in a hammock between the trees, sun bathing at the lake shore (which is a walking distance right from the door) or reading a book on the porch during one of the nordic summer white nights.

paw Day 7:
Departure and drop off in Östersund.

What's included:
Accommodation at Nordic Husky Farm's cozy little log cabin and/or guestroom, all above listed activities, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, entry fees, fishing and other outdoor gear, safety vests, fishing tickets, guides, airport/bus/train station pick up and drop off in Östersund or Strömsund.

What's NOT included:
Airplane, bus or train tickets, other additional costs in case of interest in visiting other attractions than listed above, that require entry fees.

Fitness Level: This program is suitable for everybody and doesn't require any special skills, but being generally fit to be able to go for a walk is important. We can adjust length and difficulty of the walks and hikes accordingly to your needs.


Program Duration: 7 days

Availabile Dates:
June - September

This program is limited to maximum 6 persons to ensure your maximum comfort. The minimum number of participants is 2.

Travel Tips:
The easiest way to get here is by airplane. You can fly from your city to Stockholm and from there to Åre/Östersund airport.
You can also come to Östersund by train.

PAW How to Get Here - if you travel by car.

Book by May 31st and get 10% off!

1 Adult 16.500:- SEK(ca 1410€)  
Child up to 12 years 10.500:- SEK(ca 898€)  

PAW Our other outdoor programs and lots of useful information can be found on the main Tours & Adventures Information page.

Dates upon request

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