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2- Day Adventure Package
paw2 Day Adventure Packagepaw
Two days in company of huskies, good food & beautiful nature
You Will not Want to Leave

A scenic walk with the dogs in the woods and watching the lake will clear your mind and fill you with peace. Dinner cooked on open fire and other home made meals belong to the hospitality of Nordic Husky Farm.

You will get a chance to meet other outdoor enthusiasts, see huskies in action and even get to ride on special wheeled cart pulled by husky team.

Before you leave, we will make a trip to the area's largest famous waterfall.

paw Day 1 .

After your arrival you will get accomodated and introduced to the farm and huskies.

We will then head out for a 9 km walk in the woods and explore the area and lakeside. You will get to choose your own husky to pull you.

During summer time the forrests are full of nordic berries, such as cloudberries, blueberries, raspberries or cranberries.

One of the most beautiful times in our area is September, when the woods are full of cranberries and mushrooms and the nature offers wide spectrum of fall colors. The days are warm and long.

Once back on the farm we will take care of the dogs, play with puppies and feed them.

Dinner will be cooked on open fire.

During June and July you can enjoy a special treat of taking a walk to the Vedjeön island after the dinner and witness the never setting midnight sun.

Towards the summer's end we will sit on raindeer skins around the open fire or in tipi and enjoy a cup of coffee / tea and home baked pie.

A presentation and slideshow / movies about sleddogs will be shown inside before bedtime.

paw Day 2

The day will start early today as we will take you for a ride with a dog team before breakfast.
During summer time the huskies pull a wheeled cart or an ATV.

When the dogs are taken care of, warm breakfast consisting of pancakes with berries and syrup and eggs with bacon, will be served.

After breakfast we will head out for a
trip to Hellingsåfallet - the area's largest, famous waterfall. We will follow the river upstream and hike in the beautiful surroundings of the waterfall.

It is about 50 minute drive from our farm and the road offers several viewpoints. The ride is very sceninc.

You will get a sandwich and beverage after our return fom the trip and can purchase handmade local crafts, memorabilia from your tour and other souvenirs in our small gift shop.

Program Availability: May - October

PAW How to Get Here

This tour is limited to maximum 6 persons.

1 Adult  2.500:- SEK  
Children 5-14 years 1300:- SEK  
Children up to 4 years  FREE entry  

PAW Our other outdoor programs and lots of useful information can be found on the main Tours & Adventures Information page.

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