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MSM 99.9%Kipp's Holistic® MSM 99.9%  - Highly effective feed supplement in powder form, ideal for working dogs, seniors, large breed puppies and dogs recovering from injury

Indications:  Corrects malabsorption of other nutrients such as minerals whose imbalance relate to problems such as osteochondrosis (HOD, OCD, Pano), by providing natural bioavailable sulfur.
Effective support of joints and mobility of hard working animals, those with genetic predisposition to orthopedic diseases, old, injured or growing individuals. MSM is also an effective antioxidant. 

Ingredients:  Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) of 99.9% purity. 

Feeding Instructions: 500 mg per dog / day. Hard working and old dogs: Double the dosage.
Injured dogs: 1000 mg – 3000 mg  / day. Growth problems in puppies 1000 mg / day.
Dissolve in dog's food or drink. Store on a cool, dry place.

Net weight: 1000g (aprox. 2000 daily doses)


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